Barnstaple pannier market, north Devon

About meMarkus MacGill, photographer 
Hi, I'm Mark. My enthusiasm for photography began all those years ago with travels abroad carrying little film cameras, and I developed this into a broader, more serious interest. This has included a number of years photographing weddings and portraits. 
I'm still interested in professional photography, but I've also returned to more of the personal enjoyment of the art of photography. And when the occasional client in the day job sends me off to somewhere specialto do some documentary photography/reportagethey don't find me complaining about the work!
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Me (I like gorse colours!) waiting for coffee and cake in September 2019, captured by a friendthanks, Sylvia. © Roses & Lavender photography,

The picture at the top of this page, of the pannier market in Barnstaple, north Devon, made an appearance in Black+White Photography magazine back in October 2012.
While you’re here... A little plug for my Dad’s textile artNeil MacGillivray textiles:
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