Too much to drink? A good craic? A bit of both, I reckon. Dublin in this case ‒ some time in the 2000s

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Other information and terms
People in photographs
When an identifiable person features in a photograph at this website, the photographer, Markus MacGill, has acted with a number of possible considerations – and more often than not the person has simply given their permission to Mark to be photographed and featured.
If you feature in a photograph at this website but would no longer like the photograph to be published here, please use the contact form to reach the photographer directly, so that Mark may promptly consider your request for its withdrawal.
Markus MacGill has sometimes created pictures simply for personal use. Often Mark has had an artistic purpose. One such artistic purpose may be to exhibit photographs, whether in physical or Internet galleries, and where permission was due, Mark gained it. On other occasions there may be journalistic purposes for taking and/or publishing photographs, or there can even be academic or literary reasons for photography (documentary photography, social documentary, and so on). 
In other cases still, photographs might have been taken after a written agreement about their licensing, for example because the portrait sitter commissioned the photography and also agreed to it being published as an example of the photographer's, Markus MacGill’s, work. 
Personal data in photographs
With reference to the Data Protection Act 2018, the photographer still always considers the balance of people’s privacy even when he is exercising his freedom to carry out any “special purposes” of photography. Four special purposes are listed in the act: “a) the purposes of journalism; (b) academic purposes; (c) artistic purposes; (d) literary purposes”. Similar laws in other European Union member states apply under article 85 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
Mark, when considering his right to artistic expression for example, always nonetheless considers whether any overriding reasonable expectation of privacy could arise for any person becoming, say, the subject of a published photograph of a public place. Sometimes this might mean asking for permission to publish, or taking the photograph in such a way as there can be no personal data in it, or other measures to respect any data privacy that may be due. 
All information given at this website, in pictures or words, is accurate to the best of Markus MacGill's knowledge. The photographer shall be pleased to correct any information in the unlikely event of clarification or correction being needed.
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