A feeling of freedom in Paris (five minutes before the ceremony). 2008
Andrew Roachford of 'Cuddly Toy' fame. 2010
Alice and Armand. 2010
Solemn promises: Wayne, about to marry Julie, standing in front of Italian bureaucracy in Tuscany. The tenth anniversary was celebrated in June 2016, when the couple returned to Italy. 2006
Queuing for party ice cream at Tapeley Park, north Devon, for Liberty's seventh birthday. 2010
You've got to add to some fluffy white vignette framing to a cheesy picture sometimes, you know!
Ceilidh dancing. 2004
Julie and Wayne at the town hall some days before their wedding in Tuscany. 2006
Rural wedding in Umberleigh, north Devon. 2010
Lucy, nearly ready. 2010
Rachael and Stan. 2010
Did the baker notice a slant and then just go with it for the next layers? 2010
Rachael and Stan. 2010
Lucy getting loyal help for an adjustment. 2010
Here comes the... Adriana
Ceremonial flourishes for a wedding at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
This wedding was one of my favourites purely because it was in Iddesleigh in rural mid-Devon, where I saw links all around me to my favourite photographer James Ravilious. (See his best pictures or read what his surviving wife says about how he made his contribution to English photography.)
Lucy and James. 2010
Last-minute adjustments
I knew I had to get up to this vantage point for the first dance ‒​​​​​​​ but I wasn't expecting that! Rachael and Stan. 2010
Kirstie and Stewart, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Surrey. 2008
It's the 'Reservoir Dogs' gimmick
She's putting in so much effort to catch up to a relative who's not even trying!
Getting married at Villa la Costaglia, Tuscany
Nobody had asked ‒​​​​​​​ the ceremony must have inspired her!
Simon ready (it's not fashionable for the bride to be on time). 2008
The now-ubiquitous sight of a compact camera or mobile phone pointed at the happy couple. 2008
Wine or tea, wine or tea? Oh, go on then ‒ wine!​​​​​​​
Weddings are always thrilling for everyone! 2008
The great British weather never hinders a celebration​​​​​​​

Tuscany ties and pockets squares. 2006

Julie showing some fun under all the dressed-up formality. 2006
Julie nonetheless contemplative. 2006
Even dressed in white, high-summer weddings soon after midday in Tuscany are, well ‒ hot! Julie placing a ring on Wayne's finger. 2006
Tuscany produces wonderful evening light
I kept my clicks to the very minimum. Yet I clearly wasn't as reverent as this young man
Signed, sealed and delivered. 2008
Loving good wishes from the father of the bride
Any minute now...
Good lad ‒ there was no need to ask him for this smile!
Adriana and Viktor
Promises. 2006
The mood let me get away with this picture in low light without flash ‒ I think the slight movement adds to the moment rather than blurs it
Grandad Masters. 2006
The wonky cake further up this page was a lot of fun –​​​​​​​ but then this perfection is also wonderful, isn't it?
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